4 Reasons To Try Monk Fruit


Legend says that Monk Fruit was actually discovered by actual Monks over a thousand years ago in the remote mountains of Asia. Unlike other Fruits that get their sweetness from sugar, Monk Fruit get’s it’s sweetness from another place entirely: antioxidants called Mogrosides!

Besides tasting sweet, these Mogrosides also come with added benefits and we are breaking down our top 4 below.


Benefits: At A Glance

  • Helps In Weight Loss
  • Increases Immunity and Promote Longevity
  • Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Prevents Cancer


#1 Helps In Weight Loss

This is the easiest one that you probably already guessed. Monk Fruit has zero calories, and is a perfect way to help reduce the sugar and calories in your diet, which will help you lose weight!


#2 Increases Immunity & Promotes Longevity

The antioxidants in Monk Fruit help to fight again harmful free radicals that are responsible for diseases, and illnesses that your body may develop. It’s also packed with Vitamin C, which helps to slow down the aging process by producing more collagen. No wonder it’s nicknamed the ‘Immortals Fruit’!


#3 Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

For centuries, Monk Fruit has been used in China to effectively fight against inflammatory issues. Inflammation causes numerous issues in our bodies, and Monk Fruit not only combats them, but does it much more safely than regular medications that cause harmful side effect, such as liver damage.


#4 Prevents Cancer

There are numerous scientific studies that show that Monk Fruit has anti-carcinogenic effects. It has inhibited tumor and cancer cells across numerous part of the body including the skin, breasts, pancreas, throat and more. It’s truly a wondrous and mysterious fruit!

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