Enlight - Pure Monk Fruit Extract (100g / 3.5 oz)

ENLIGHT™ is a natural zero calorie sweetener that is made from Monk Fruit extract and is a healthy alternative to sugar. Monk Fruit Extract is exponentially sweeter than sugar, which means you can use less and still get the sweetness you desire. Use ENLIGHT™ to sweeten your favorite beverages, snacks and recipes.

  • Plant Based Natural Sweetener
  • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, and Zero Glycemic Index
  • Made with 100% Pure Monk Fruit Only
  • Diabetic, Paleo & Keto Friendly
  • Ingredients: 100% Pure Monk Fruit Only 

More Details

What are Mogrosides?: Mogrosides are the natural extract of Monk Fruit and gives it its sweet taste. The higher the percentage of Mogrosides, the higher the sweetness. Lastly, they come in classifications of Mogroside I-V, with varying levels of sweetness — with V being the highest, most premium, and the classification with the most additional health benefits. Enlight Pure is 25% Mogroside V and Enlight Ultra Pure is 50% Mogroside V.

Suggested Uses: Anywhere you use sugar, you can use Enlight. Use it to sweeten your favorite beverages, snacks, recipes and so much more.

Storage Instructions: Refrigeration not required. Keep sealed & stored in a cool, dark, dry place.


Shipping: All orders are shipped on the following business day.

Existing Orders: Please email orders@hanginggardens.market for questions about your existing order.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Great product and seller

    My diet prohibits most sweeteners - but this one works, with very little. Of course it has a different taste than regular sugar, but given the choice of this or no coffee, it works and you get used to the difference. This bag will go a long way. Shipping was very speedy. Happy with this purchase and highly recommend.

    Paul Downey
    5th Times a Charm

    This is the 5th time I've ordered from hanging gardens with great results each time.

    Margaret Handler
    Very sweet

    I read the directions. This product is awesome. No artificial sweetener. No chemicals. I purchased it because I have a vitamix and it would dissolve properly.
    It is very sweet. Use sparingly.


    Has an unpleasant aftertaste. Maybe not as strong as other sweeteners, but unpleasant enough to ruin the taste of what you are drinking. Also, who wants to have to use a handheld electric frother or mixer every time you use it in a cold drink. A waste of money for me.

    No sugar added
    It's sweet, but only dissolves in hot liquid.

    I am a repeat buyer. Clearly I like it enough to keep buying it. I use it bc I have to. Tastes far better than stevia. But I only like cold drinks. So I have to heat water, dissolve this stuff then add that liquid once cold to what I want. Otherwise it clumps up and that is a waste of s very expensive product. It is very inconvenient for me to use.

    Hello, thank you for leaving a review. In order for it to dissolve properly in cold or hot liquid, we advise that you use a handheld electric frother or handheld electric mixer, blender, foamer, etc. It's almost impossible to blend it properly using a spoon or utensil. We use it in cold beverages all the time and when blended with our handheld electric frother, it comes out perfect every single time. They are available on many websites for as little as $10. We hope this helps, and thank you for your continued support!